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Great Knowley & Great Knowley to Heapey No. 3 Lodge

Discussion of sightings in and around the Chorley area.

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Leonard Poxon
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Great Knowley & Great Knowley to Heapey No. 3 Lodge

Post by Leonard Poxon » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:08 pm

Great Knowley - 8/9 young Pheasant seen over former quarry + 3 Swift early afternoon. 1 Ringlet Butterfly, 5 Meadow Brown, 2 Small White, 2 Small Skipper and 1 possible Comma. Mason Wasp present in garden again. Several Hover Fly species including Chrysotoxum bicinctum), 1 Hawthorn Shieldbug, 1 Beetle (Lagria hirta). 2 Blue Tailed Damselfly. 2 Common Buzzard & 1 Kestrel over.

Evening walk - Great Knowley to Heapey No. 3 Lodge & return - 1 Red Fox, 1 Roe Deer, 1 vole or shrew heard next to Heapey no. 2 Lodge, 2 Kingfisher, 1 Great Crested Grebe, 1 Pipistrelle Bat at junction of Heapey Road and Higher House Lane, 1 Noctule Bat feeding over former quarry ( report of 6 feeding there in mid week).

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