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nora west
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Post by nora west » Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:41 pm

RUCKS. C.Crow. Jay. Blue Tits. Gt.Tit. Lg.T.Tit. Magpie. Chaffinch. Robin. Blackbirds. Nuthatch. 3Bullfinch.(1f &2m).

WEIR. Just 1 trout jumping. Dipper & Grey Wagtail.

TOP LODGE. Grey Heron. 4Blk.H.Gulls. & 2 Moorhen.

BIG LODGE. Cormorant (caught a fish & 8 Blk.H.Gulls tried in vain to get the fish). App.180 Blk.H.gulls. 3Mute Swans & 2Juv. 2Moorhen. 2Coot. 48Mallard.

Eddie Langrish
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Post by Eddie Langrish » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:07 pm

A Cormorant needs approximately 1.5 LBs of fish, on average per day.
according to a web page I've just visited.
If it stays a year thats 547.5 lbs of fish.
and if it breeds, then its partner will wont the same quantity and the young will need feeding to.


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