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Birkacre fungi

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Birkacre fungi

Post by Dave » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:40 pm

I went to birkacre yesterday found some Red Raspberry Slime Mould (Tubifera ferruginosa) on the stump on the path up to the weir, also orange peel fungus on the small lodge in the wild meadow theyve just cut down and stinking Parasols I think to the right of the centre before the path to the small lodge

oh and saw a waterail and 2 herons on the back lodge

This inst the clump of the Red Raspberry Slime Mould, I mentioned but some more

Red Raspberry Slime Mould (Tubifera ferruginosa) Meresands Woods Rufford Lancashire by Just Daves Photos, on Flickr

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