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mawdesley/ rufford boundry

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:18 pm
by gary lilley
i finally got round to checking out the boggy area behind rufford tip which to me always looked to have huge potential i took my trusty dog with me to see what we could flush out however the walk only produced 3 snipe out of the boggy area ( to be fair this is a large area and i could of missed some birds) i also spotted a flying woodcock which came from the mawdesley side of the douglas a single kingfisher was in a draining ditch , flushed several pheasants out of the wooded area near the railway line and on the way back along which i assume is the river douglas there was a single whooper swan which was possiby a injured bird as it was reluctant to take to the air, this area to me is worthy of another visit after all the frost has cleared and i,m sure it would produce some good numbers of jack and common snipe and maybe water rail .