a memorable morning!

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gary lilley
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a memorable morning!

Post by gary lilley » Sun Dec 20, 2009 10:44 am

went down the yarrow this morning at first light duck numbers were up from last week, mallard 10+ , 8 teal, 1 grey wagtail, 2 reed bunting, around 6 moorhen but there was soon going to be one less which i found out about half way between ecclston and croston on the river i first noticed movement on the waters edge as i approached a single moorhen flew out but there was another one struggling in the water it soon became clear that it was not alone it was being attacked by a mink the mink had the moorhen by the neck and killed it within seconds by this time the mink had spotted me it dragged the moorhen out of the water but then left its kill and ran off before swimming across the river under the banking no doubt it would of returned as i left the scene, further down the river a small flock of goldfinch were on alder,
croston big wood, as i was walking past the wood i had a look over the stone wall i could hear nuthatches calling and a grey wagtail was feeding in the boggy ground at little further down i looked over and disrturbed a feeding woodcock which shot off into the wood also 1 buzzard in the wood.
tinklers fields, 3 more reed buntings, 20 meadow pipit.
eccleston syd brook, 1 snipe around 20 gold finch on alder 6 green finch , nuthatches were present in 2 areas 1 kestrel 1 pheasant.

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