Licenses to kill Buzzards

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Neil Southworth
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Licenses to kill Buzzards

Post by Neil Southworth » Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:33 pm

You may have read recently that Natural England has granted a license to a game estate to kill up to 10 Buzzards to protect its livestock - aka Pheasants!

Needless to say the floodgates have opened and several more estates have applied for licences to shoot Buzzards for the spurious reason that the species is damaging their businesses. It's outrageous that a government department with the responsibility of protecting the nation's wildlife should be issuing licenses allowing the destruction of a protected species. A parliamentary petition has been created on the government's web site to 'Suspend Natural England's license to kill Buzzards', which can be accessed from the following link:- ... f4660c0a2c

You may wish to sign it.

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