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Mon.20th.Oct. Y.V.Park./Wht.Coppice.

Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:48 pm
by nora west
I think the strong wind was keeping the sm.birds low. RUCKS=== Woodpigeon .Blue/Gt.tit. Robin. Blackbird. TOP LODGE=== Only 2 Snipe(disappointing after yesterdays 11.) BIG LODGE===64mallard. 4Moorhen. 12 Coot. 65 Blk.H.Gulls. 7 Can.Geese. Pr.&2Juv.Mute Swans. Dabchick. Grey Wagtail. Dipper(on R.Y). 5 GREY SQUIRRELS. ==============on to White Coppice. which was as dead as a DoDo. Never seen it so quiet. In Half an hour we had a fl.of 20Woodpigeons. 2C.Crows.1Robin. & 1Blackbird. ======The most interesting thing was a Dragonfly? Not a Brown Hawker . seemed a bit smaller and paler. didnt get a close enough view of it .