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Astley Park Evening Walk

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:44 pm
by Neil Southworth
A dozen members enjoyed a walk around the park on a fine sunny evening, ending with a bit of bat detection when 4 species were recorded:-
Birds:- Mute Swan 4, Mallard 40+, Coot 2 + 4Y, Moorhen 2, Grey Heron, Woodpigeon, Feral Pigeon, Kingfisher (2 sightings), RN Parakeet 2, Swift, Magpie, Jay, Crow, Jackdaw, Blackbird, Robin, Wren, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Nuthatch
Mammals:- Grey Squirrel 2, Common and Soprano Pipistrelle, Noctule, Daubenton's
Amphibians:- Frog
Insect:- Brown Hawker

Carol will add the Flora :D

Re: Astley Park Evening Walk

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:35 am
by paul b
Also add to insects -green dock beetle

Re: Astley Park Evening Walk

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:25 pm
by Carol
Thanks to Joyce, Christine, Alison, Mark and Paul B for helping with the finding and ID of the following.

FLOWERS: yarrow, bindweed, milk thistle, ragwort, fat-hen, redshank, tufted & yellow vetch, meadow vetchling, common sorrel & sheep’s sorrel, red & white clover, wild carrot, ribwort & broadleaf plantain, scentless mayweed, pineapple mayweed, mugwort, melilot, poppy, stinging nettle, common hemp-nettle, spear thistle, teasel, borage, corn marigold, daisy, hedge woundwort, musk mallow, great hairy willow-herb, rosebay willow-herb, chickweed, hairy rocket, Himalayan balsam, enchanted nightshade, hemlock water dropwort, hogweed, bramble, hawkbit, meadow buttercup, yellow water lily, dandelion, cranesbill, burdock, black medick, ivy, thyme-leaved speedwell , mare’s tail, yellow flag iris, herb Robert, herb Bennett, wood avens, heart’s tongue fern & purple loosestrife and St John’s wort.

TREES: English oak, hawthorn, horse chestnut, rowan, sycamore, ash, beech, holly, common lime, hazel, silver birch, elder & yew.

We also saw about 6 carder bees busy in the sensory garden.

Re: Astley Park Evening Walk

Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:29 pm
by Carol
Forgot: red campion, knapweed, cherry tree and laburnum