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Fox and Roe Deer

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 9:37 pm
by Leonard Poxon
Just watched a confrontation between a Red Fox and a male Roe Deer.

I first saw the Fox 25 yds to the left of the Roe Deer, the Fox was moving away from the deer and obviously hunting for voles. The Deer was to the right of the fox and was watching it. The Fox carried on and slowly the Deer followed going right to left and ending up to the Fox's left, apparently unconcerned as it was feeding as it was going. They approached one another and got to 10yds apart. The Fox had now seen the Deer and was watching it. The Deer also saw the Fox but moved to the right of it still apparently unconcerned. The Fox also unconcerned continued to hunt for voles. When the Deer got to the right and upwind of the Fox it suddenly turned back to the left and ran towards the Fox, The Fox then seemed to run off into thick sedge. The Deer ran into the sedge and then out, but I could no longer see the Fox.