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G-Time: Golden Plover, Great Grey Shrike & Greeenfinch

Discussion of sightings in and around the Chorley area.

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Jed Kirkham
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G-Time: Golden Plover, Great Grey Shrike & Greeenfinch

Post by Jed Kirkham » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:02 pm

Thanks to all for the Great Grey Shrike posts, a great find. However, on my way to view it I was 20m past the top of Well Lane gate at 16.15hrs when I heard a mournful peep, stopped in my tracks and instantly back in Orkney & Shetland on summer holiday. Golden Plover, a male coming into breeding plumage dark breast and spangly back. About 50m away in the field. Then a few "Yippy-Yooos" to make my day. I watched it a while, it took off N with a previously hidden GP (its partner?). A top bird!!

Watched the Great Grey Shrike from Drinkwaters from 16.45 to 1800hrs, easily picked up against the mostly leafless trees. It flew around from tree to tree, occasionally swooping & hovering a little, always watchful. At one point I heard its squeaky cheep note and watched it vocalising - this seemed to attract a Reed Bunting! The GGS turned and looked, seemed nonplussed, the RB flew off. Nice to sit and watch several Curlew too.

Yesterday had a 5-flock of Greenfinch in and around the garden, not seen these birds in the garden for a long, long time.

As others have posted, Wheatear back on the moors. I've noticed Blackcap and Willow Warbler in Brinscall since the 10th.

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