BTO woodcock survey

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BTO woodcock survey

Post by paul b » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:18 am

Woodcock suffered an estimated 29% decline in numbers 2003-2013,and in 2015 it was placed on the Red list as a bird of "conservation concern".
The BTO and Game and Wildife Conservation Trust have set up a new survey to assess the state of woodcock numbers now.

Within our area there is one site allocated-square SD 5815 -Duxbury Woods. It may be possible to agree other squares but that's pointless without volunteers to undertake the survey.
Briefly the survey will involve a recce in April to check the site out and three visits at least one week apart between 1st May to 30th June at dusk for 75 minutes or so to record birds.Records are sent on-line.

Two questions here -I'm willing to have a go at recording in SD 5815 -does anyone want to join me? (perhaps safer with more than one recorder and probably more accurate if woodcock are present.) I'd be very grateful for any help.
Secondly, are there other sites which could be nominated for a survey? -obviously need birds sighted/heard recently AND someone able and willing to do the survey! If these criteria can be ticked off, please make suggestions.

Many thanks.
Paul Brennan

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