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Sightings this week

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:53 pm
by Mark Cookson
Busy week so just posting catch up now

Tues 4th saw approx 200 starlings murmurating over where the Pines Hotel used to be. They made their way over Whittle. Didn't see where they came down

Wed 5th driving through Brindle and noticed a freshly muck spread field that held 250+ BH Gulls / high number of mixed corvids and at least 20 magpie. Also seen were 2 grey heron

Fri 7th shortly after filling feeders in garden sparrowhawk came through but was unsuccessful. When leaving house at lunchtime had a f pheasant dead on front garden. No sign of predation or being hit by a car. Also no marks on porch windows, so presume it didn't fly into glass. #mystery