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Eyes lane/croston finney

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:32 pm
by peter rowlands
Nice to meet Neville on Eyes Lane. Large numbers of Starlings in several groups. Several Corn Buntings and Skylarks. 1 Kestrel. 2 Yellowhammers and lots of Linnets and 10 Redwings and a single RL Partridge near Great Hanging Bridge. Lots of Mallard and Teal on the river and 1 Female Goosander. A quick look around the Finney produced large numbers of BH Gulls, Starlings and Corvids. A female Sparrowhawk took a Corvid then landed in a ditch. I came within ten yards of it before it flow away. A Female Marsh Harrier flow over heading east.