Hoggs Lane & Canal Br.75-74

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Hoggs Lane & Canal Br.75-74

Post by lydia rose » Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:05 pm

Hoggs Lane - Garlic Mustard,Stinging nettles,Wood avens(seeding),hedge woundwort,hogweed,H.Balsam,Herb Robert,Broad lvd dock,black knapweed,wavy bittercress,b.lvd willowherb,meadow buttercup,(Harts tongue fern),enchanters nightshade,ragwort,greater plantain,

+by canal- blackberry,elderberry,ribbwort plantain,red campion,rose bay and great willowherb,meadow sweet, hemp agrimony, branched burreed,gipsywort,hawkweed sp.(pos few leaved),foxglove,yellow water lily,red clover,hemlock water dropwort,creeping thistle

Birds-wren + juv, flock gold finch,blue tits, 3 wood pigeons & 6 corvids in field,5 mallard & 3 C.Geese on canal

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