Disorientated Snipe and a holy Cormorant!!

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Brian Derbyshire
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Disorientated Snipe and a holy Cormorant!!

Post by Brian Derbyshire » Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:10 pm

In the middle of this morning's blizzard I Was driving on Hartwood when I noticed a dark shape in the middle of the road - standing out very clear against the whiteout. Driving slowly towards it and stopping about 10 feet away, the dark shape turned out to be a Snipe - up to its breast in snow. It looked confused! After a short while it shot off high into the white out - hope it found somewhere more hospitable!

And the previous day the artificial pond at the Mormon Temple had a Cormorant happily swimming around - I think it may have been disappointed - don't think there are any fish in it!

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