Swift Awareness Week 27th June to 5th July. Our nearest group is Bolton & Bury Swifts, who are on Facebook & Twitter.

Y.V.Park.sun.30th Dec. 9-20AM to 10-20 AM.

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nora west
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Y.V.Park.sun.30th Dec. 9-20AM to 10-20 AM.

Post by nora west » Sun Dec 30, 2007 12:21 pm

RUCKS>===2Dunnock. Chaffinch . Blackbirds. 6 Greenfinch. (H) Bullfinch. Jay. Magpie. Robins. 2Woodpigeons. Kestrel. 1Redwing. Blue /Gt. & Coal Tits. 2 Mistlethrush( in sg). Wren. 2Nuthatch. =====Dipper (on R.Y.) ==== Kingfisher (in channel. Letting Tony Photograph it). (Cormorant flew over going south). TOP LODGE.====11 Snipe. 14 Mallard. 4 Moorhen. 11 Blk.H.Gulls. BIG LODGE.=====99 Mallard. 10 Coot. 8 Moorhen. 2 adult & 9 imm Mute Swans. 39 Canada geese. 150+ Blk.H.Gulls. 3(m) & 1(f) Tufted Duck. SM.Lodge.==== 18 Blk.H.Gulls. 1 Moorhen. & 16Mallard.

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Post by tony » Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:39 pm

i did manage to photograph the kingfisher today, it was a bit dull but i have put a couple of pics in my album in the gallery
also seen this morning 1 roe deer at the top of the field leading away from the weir

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